Secret Snappers® create authentic masterpieces of YOUR story on YOUR day, rather than simply taking a few awkward and organised photos with you and your guests. We offer something unique and special - natural christening photography.

We like to organise the traditional group and family shots prior to the service, when everyone is looking their best, and to get formality out of the way early on.

Our Secret Snappers® photographer will photograph the ceremony in our unobtrusive style, capturing those important moments of blessing and the little details that make you smile – your baby grabbing the priest's glasses, Granny so proud in the front row.

During the reception, we will concentrate on recording the atmosphere of your day – the fun your friends and family will have, the laughing and joking, and the children running around and enjoying themselves. Secret Snappers® photograph the little details you have thought of to make your day unique - your cakes and entertainments, the decorations and drinks. We capture both the feel and the spirit of the day, as well as lots of relaxed informal portraits of those that you love.

By putting time aside before the ceremony, this also makes the rest of the day more relaxing for you - after the ceremony, when you have your friends and family and a glass of champagne, you can relax and enjoy yourselves knowing Secret Snappers® will be documenting the day without having to disturb you (although we will be on hand should you wish to request any additional group shots with friends and relations at the party).

Our prices reflect the amount of work and love we put into each commission. We dedicate at least two weeks worth of work to each wedding and offer both digital and album packages to suit most budgets.